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Faring thee well

Mon March 2, 2020

We have sold Landhaven and are spending this last month sorting things to take, leave and sell. Wed (and/or Thursday) Alderfer Auctions is coming to catalogue those items to be auctioned online starting Oct 13 (watch here for the link when I have it). As most of you know, we are ready to retire to our condo in Easton for travelling to see our kids more often and not having a job.

Just as it was coming to PA back in 1999, the "going to" was very exciting with all the hope and potential for our future. Luckily, we had an extra year to transition, which I really needed for "leaving behind" - my business, family and friends. This very real process can be a lot of things - sadness, stress, physical moving of things and we are feeling all that again plus the anticipation of yet another fulfilling life.

Landhaven has been such a spectacular entity for us in the wonderful friends we have made and all the memorable guests for the B&B and the inspiring musicians for the concerts. Just as it was leaving Illinois, though, we joyfully carry these treasured memories with us and wrap ourselves with the warmth of those friendships. We are not going that far this time!!

We have until March 31 - I always said it won't be that bad if I sort through Ed's stuff and he tackles mine. The reality is a little different, though, but we are steadily getting the job done. We will be holding an Open House on March 22 (Sunday) from 11:00 am to 4:00 PM if you want to stop in and say farewell! Watch this space for any more developments - Hugs Donna Land  

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