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Mid February Meanderings

Thu February 16, 2017

Now I  know why I try to schedule a trip to warmer parts of the world this time of year - it is a great time for a getaway. I can't really even complain about the winter (well, maybe not too much) but am trying to use this dreary time to move ahead on my goal to cut down on my "stuff'. It is kind of working - I schedule a pickup from the Purple Hearts about every two weeks, promising at least 3 boxes, and it keeps me focused on the giving part of decluttering. I go through in-season clothing, shoes, boots and blankets, passing along ones we have not used in the past 2 (or more!) years. 

Any day now, it may start to look like I am, in truth, downsizing! Enjoy your midwinter however you can. Best regards, Donna


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