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Sunny day, sunny thoughts

Tue March 1, 2016

Life is so precious - the sun today is reminding us that goodness abounds! We are looking forward to David Olney's concert this Saturday. Each time David is here or is planning to come, we are reminded of our dear friend Harriet Kyriakos, who entered our lives via a Landhaven concert in the very early days of 2006.

We had barely started doing concerts with several local acts, and Harriet brought in her high school musician grandson to attend. As the night developed, she asked if we would like some help in our new endeavors. Thinking Harriet would volunteer to help sell tikets, we eagerly welcomed her into our little scheme. Wow, did things take off after that!

Not interested in selling tickets, Harriet quickly became our lifeline to the world of live music concerts as she introduced us to her world - that of being a concert booking agent. David was one of her charges, and although Harriet had retired, she took us under her capacious wings and began booking our concert stage and the world began to find us.

We miss Harriet every day, but especially when David is here, because we are reminded of the large vacancy her passing has left. As with all losses, the memories and fond recollections are a rich heritage that we still carry with us, and we are ever grateful for her counsel, her friendship and for sharing her rich experience with us so fully.

As we prepare to sell Landhaven, we are going through similar emotions, and are also so appreciative for all the memories and all the friends we have enocuntered along the way. Live music continues here at Landhaven, so come enjoy the singular set of talents that will be gracing our stage. Check out our website and sign up - your friends are likely to be here! Hugs to you all - Donna 


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