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Have a Great Year

Thu January 7, 2016

2016 -already a week old - luckily life is sweet even if moving at breakneck speed! Ed and I wish you each the very best, so that your life is filled with sweetness and joy.

Most of you know that Landhaven is on the market - the B&B, buildings and music venue. We remain open for business as usual as we try to keep things neat for prospective buyers. Ed and I plan to settle in Easton and are fortunate enough to have a place already, so we have had some fun furnishing it and fixing it up with our most treasured items collected in our lives.  We are not totally finished, but so far the process has really been grand, as we take our time considering how we want our new space to look. 

Our antique store is still open and we will continue to sell some of the vintage pieces in the big store as well as some in the middle store. Make us an offer if you see something you must have!  What we sell in the B&B will depend on the new buyers and what they want to do with the building. We are so grateful that we have the time to cherish all the wonderful memories of collecting and gathering even as we downsize.

Our music schedule is coming along with some favorite past performers and some new faces to enjoy. Our good friend Gene Shay is bringing a couple of artists new to us, so come enjoy these "firsts" to Landhaven - who knows who will be the next Bob Dylan or Tom Rush? It is so nostalgic to hear Gene's introductions and to re-visit some of those "good ol' days" when he featured so many newcomers to Philly, only to see their careers take off while they all remained friends. 

Such is it with our guests - many who have become our friends now, too. Running Landhaven has been such a warm hug for us, as we have hosted people from all over the world and become enchanted by their lives and stories. We fully expect the next new adventure to be as rewarding and hope to continue to cross paths with each of you again. 

There seem to be a few rumors going around that are wierd and not true (fill in the blanks!). We are both well, have not fallen ill or become infirm, and will continue our business as usual until we do something different - then we will let you know! In the meantime, check our music schedule (give me a week to finish it up!) and come hear some live music in one of the best listening rooms around. Think of friends (or yourselves) who are ready for a great change and add ten years to their own lifespan by owning Landhaven! Thank you for all your support and we will stay in touch! Best regards, Donna & Ed Land 


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