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What today holds

Wed January 29, 2020

I feel like my life embodies the scenes from old movies where they illustrate the passing of time by showing the calendar pages falling off the wall, one by one. Didn't January go just that fast?!?

We still mourn the loss of David Olney, an outstanding singer and songwriter from Nashvile who graced our stage many times since his former booking agent introduced him to Landhaven as she became our own booking agent with the start of the Landhaven House Concerts back in 2006. I still remember one final song with David as he stood on our stage, getting more and more effusive and hailed the entire audience as they rose to their feet and cheered and cheered - continuing long after he closed the song. It  was glorious!

David usually stayed with Harriet, so it was only after she passed away and he stayed here that I got to understand what a sterling individual he was - such depth of interests, so thoughtful in conversations. When we hosted the Memorial for Harriet here at Landhaven, David drove straight thru from Nashville to be here for his friend.

David passed peacefully while performing on stage, quietly dropping his head to his chest. Yet another reminder that we need be timely and  generous in expressing our love to those in our daily lives that we do love. 

While Ed and I wait for the right buyer to emerge, we are mindful of living each limbo day as it is and find so many beautiful gifts in each interaction with our guests and those who come for the music. We love all of you and appreciate your patronage - now including Jack Murray's jam on Wednesday nights! 8:00 and check our list of upcoming concerts, too. All the best, Donna 

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