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Another year is here

Mon January 13, 2020

Almost a year has gone by since I last posted my thoughts. It is still rather astonishing to me when you kindly report your reactions to my posts: number 1, I guess I am surprised when someone is engaged enough to read, and 2, that my perspective resonates with you. Thanks you most heartily for your interest. 

Here we are - the start of a new decade, new opportunities for re-invigoration, new hopes and plans. Having our place on the market creates so many scenarios - always living our lives in "what if" mode...what if a buyer wants to close real soon (my standard response to this is that we can vacate immediately by Ed taking charge of MY stuff and me taking charge of HIS stuff - probably a short time solution with long-time ramifications!) 

So much depends on what the new owners want to do with the building - a "what if" over which we have no control. So back to the limbo of living - while we are in the mode my Mother always used to call "we'll see". I learned this delayed response was not always "no" but rather kept the spark of hope alive for yet another day. 

We know the universe is receiving mixed messages - while we really do want to retire (i.e. waking up each morning without a job, wondering what to do today) we also still love welcoming our guests to the B&B and cherishing the interactions with them (Yes, we are still open for business).  Every so often (about once a week), we pretend we are retired and escape to our condo in Easton and practice that serenity. But we still occupy Landhaven for the most part and have put a few concerts on the docket. Come see us while we are still here!!

Thanks for listening - with fond regards, Donna   

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