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Waiting for the Next Step

Mon July 16, 2018

We are firm believers that all things happen for a reason at the right time. Although this is sometimes difficult to keep top-of-mind, this belief has sustained us for so long that we continue in good faith. Upon reflection, the wait for the right buyer has been productive and fulfilling.

We have endeavored to reduce the sheer amount of "stuff" and continue to offer things for sale in the big store and the room above it. This will continue up until we have a signed agreement that tells us what the new owners want and what will be also be put up for sale. Stay tuned for any of these developments! 

In the meantime, we relish each day for what it offers us - a chance to reflect on the enormous gifts we have received by being here for 19 years and the joy that has penetrated our lives and continues as we process what all these changes really mean.

Give us a call if you wish to stop in - we would love to see you. In the meantime, may the peace of living in the moment be with each of you. Hugs, Donna Land

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