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Fri October 20, 2017

Landhaven has NOT been sold - anyone who is interested in being the owner of this charming, beloved, historic building can still get into the running. We do have two interested parties and are negotiating to see what is going to work best - for them as future owners and for us, who have loved and cared for this building for over 18 years but are ready to move into our next adventure.

No matter what we say, it seems people like to make up their own stories about what is happening here at Landhaven. We have treasured the community feeling here and have thrived upon its generosity, support and love. The facts are not the same as the rumors, though, no matter what each neighbor might want to think and talk about. 

Ed and I have decided that we will not be hosting or planning any more music concerts into 1918. We have five left:

October 21 - Rhythm Road 

November 18 - Kevin Gordon

November 25 - Jack Murray

December 2 - David Jacobs-Strain

December 9 - Will Hodgson

Come enjoy the live music and celebrate the end of this larger-than-life tradition in a listening room that is literally made for appreciative audiences. 

At this time we are still scheduling B&B rooms and events and will consider any private parties into 2018. Except for the concerts, we will be doing business as usual until we have a final agreement to sell the property.

So please wish us well as we plan ahead. Thank you for all your good wishes and support. We are not moving far away and plan to continue to be good neighbors in the Huffs Church area for years to come. Hugs from Donna & Ed Land 

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