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Savoring the Music at Landhaven

Thu July 13, 2017

We don't often host music concerts in the summer because of the plethora of such concerts (often free) throughout the summer in our area. Yet, we could not turn down our friend David Olney when he asked for this upcoming date - he is such a dynamic performer, and works so very hard in making his excellent music that we readily welcomed his return.

Treat yourself and come share in his talents - Sunday night July 16 - at our unique listening room (even air-conditioned!) 

The joys of listening to music in our concert room has been a special indulgence since April (I think it was). Our good friend Jack Murray runs a jam on Wednesdays and his usual location was undergoing renovations "for about a month". We offered Landhaven as a temporary space for this gathering and it has evolved into a wondrous set of events. Musicians come to share their particular talents, people bring potluck food to add to the sense of community and we have had a really good time ever since! It looks like the renovations are nearly complete, so this may not last more than the next 2 weeks, so don;t miss your chance to join in. And you really don't want to miss the weekly question: what is the secret ingredient in Robert & Mary's deviled eggs? No prizes, just the great fun of getting it right! Note - there have been 13 different mystery ingredients!! 

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