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Positive vibes

Thu April 6, 2017

Lately I have been doing some reading about setting intentions and sending positive messages to the "universe". It is within my belief that what thoughts one sends out into the world drive the results that come back ..sort of an interpretation of the revered "treat your neighbor as we want to be treated" concept. This is rather comforting stuff, actually.

 I have long found that being kind is the best way to go - you never know, nor could even imagine, what any person you meet is going through or HAS gone through. If you keep this in mind, being kind is a way to pass along some comfort without having to know what comfort is needed or what the past details are. We have tried to implement this principle here at Landhaven. It must work, because kindness has definitely come back to Ed and me here at Landhaven.

We experience it in the guests that book rooms, in the musicians who play here for our Landhaven House Concert series and certainly in the concert audiences who are friendly, supportive and very responsive to the talented artists before them. Kindness has a built-in potential for spreading warmth and humor - we have witnessed this personally. For all of this, especially as Ed and I plan for our retirement and the sale of our property, we are very grateful.

Some of you have told us that you don't want us to sell - or move. We appreciate the sentiment behind those comments so deeply. We understand the difficulties in change and know we will miss many things that have been so inherent to our experiences here at Landhaven. We also are approaching our decision for change as being an exciting next step - other fulfilling adventures beckon and we are eager to pursue them.  

So for now, then, we are asking your help: please send out positive thoughts so the right buyer for Landhaven comes along - someone who loves this charming old building and can envision the enormous potential it continues to have...someone who wants to move in and make this special place work for their purposes and to enhance their lives as they pursue dreams of their own. We have done the big stuff - new roof, heating plant, building out the second and third floors, so much more  - what remains are any changes that will spark the imaginations of the new owners as they make it personal for themselves. Thank you for participating in this - can't wait to share what LOTS of positive thoughts to the universe can create!!       With fond regards, Donna Land

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